Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heart Attack at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

Well I suppose it was just a matter of time that there was a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. Wow talk about fantastic advertizing. It even fits well with their motto: “A Taste Worth Dying For”. I jest of course; the poor gentleman heart attackee is doing well. Although, well being a relative term. I mean, how well was he really doing before he even bit into the monster Triple Bypass Burger. Take a look at this thing; it’s a beauty and only $11.10. Hmm, that must be some quality beef? I wonder if he added the extra 15 pieces of bacon for $2.77? Can you grow pigs that cheap? And if you can do you really want to eat them?

Would I eat at the Heart Attack Grill? Probably not, except maybe out of some morbid curiosity and then I certainly wouldn’t order the Triple Bypass Burger. I’m more of a quality v quantity type of guy. But then, if this is something that turns your crank, go for it, have fun.

There are many calls from politicians, physicians, food activists and vegetarian organizations to force the Heart Attack Grill to close because of this incident. I haven’t actually seen anything form PETA –surprising.

Instead of getting all indignant about the Heart Attack Grill which is catering to a very specific idiot demographic, think about the bigger picture. How it is that you can actually sell that much meat for that amount of cost? Plus, think about the under the table cheep Latin labour, in the kitchen, putting the whole thing together. What’s the mark-up on the Triple Bypass Burger? In the end, Mister Heart Attack needs to make some money? Industrialized, mechanically separated, mystery meat at its best. Wouldn’t you rather pay $11.10 for a smaller (much smaller) naturally raised killer tasting beef burger? And maybe add a couple of slices of bacon for $2.77 from a pig naturally and humanely raised? All made by someone in the kitchen making a living wage? I would, but that’s just me, the hamburger idealist.

God Bless America